Class mesh_object

class o2sclpy.mesh_object(name: str, faces, mat: str = '', obj_type: str = 'triangles')

A mesh object for a GLTF file.

faces = []

The list of faces

mat: str = ''

The name of the material (blank for none, or for different material for each face)

Note that this string might be nonempty even when some of the faces explicitly specify a material. In this case, this string specifies the default material to be used for those faces which do not specify their own material.

If this string is non-empty, but all of the faces specify a material, then the sort_by_mat() function will

name: str = ''

The name of the mesh object

obj_type: str = 'triangles'

Either ‘triangles’, ‘lines’, or ‘points’

sort_by_mat(verbose: int = 0)

Sort the faces by material name, ensuring that the group and material commands do not have to be issued for each face.

vert_list = []

List of vertices

vn_list = []

List of vertex normals

vt_list = []

List of texture coordinates