Installation and Requirements


O₂sclpy requires an installation of the development version of O₂scl. The release version, O₂sclpy 0.929, requires the O₂scl v0.929 release from .

The most recent release version of O₂sclpy can be installed with e.g. pip3 install o2sclpy.

O₂sclpy requires python3 packages numpy, and matplotlib. O₂sclpy also assumes LaTeX is installed on your system.

O₂sclpy dynamically loads the O₂scl libraries using the o2sclpy.linker python class. This class may require some additional information about your system in order to perform the dynamic loading properly. See Linking with O₂scl for more details.

Some O₂sclpy classes and o2graph commands require other Python packages, including scipy, scikit-learn, tensorflow, yt, cmyt, Pillow, h5py, and bpy (from Blender). Classes or functions which generate movies, like the o2graph command mp4, require the installation of ffmpeg.