Todo list


  • Fix the comparison between sklearn and scipy, making sure they both produce the same log_pdf() in the correct conditions. Ensure the integral is normalized when appropriate.

(The original entry is located in /home/awsteiner/wcs/o2sclpy/o2sclpy/ of o2sclpy.kde.kde_sklearn, line 6.)


  • Give an example of yt_filter in the docs

  • Add RGB hex values to ‘colors-near’.

  • Command rect is x1 y1 x2 y2, but ellipse is x1 y1 w h, which is confusing. maybe its better to make them consistent? Or allow the user to choose the format?

  • Also, rectanges by default are done without the axes transformation, which means they don’t change when the plot is zoomed. Maybe allow the user to pick the transformation?

  • An example of ‘python’, ‘exec’, ‘image’, ‘clf’?

  • Create new functions based on yt_render() which are easier called directly from python.

  • Allow the user to name axes in cbar, inset, and subplots.

  • Create a cube plot like Raph(?) showed, where three density plots are shown on the xy xz and yz planes in combination with a volume rendering. This demands taking a density plot and transforming it to a paralellogram with normal matplotlib, using yt for the volume rendering, and then making a yt_filter to add the volume rendering on top of the density plots. See for the parallelograms.

  • an example of more complicated yt annotations

  • Finish the ‘moveauto’ path in yt_render()

  • Create a moveauto path which includes a zoom

  • create a vector field command in yt

  • allow the creation of colormaps on the fly?

  • add map to colormap option for yt tf’s

  • Create a system of protected variables and functions using underscores and also create a __repr__() object

  • Ensure yt uses self.font for text objects?

  • Finish den-plot-anim for a tensor_grid objects

  • plot-set for a table3d object to create a sequence of curves for each column or row, or maybe do this as a ‘mult-vector-spec’?

  • Simplify some of the larger functions like o2graph_plotter::plot(), possibly by creating a separate function for each type?

  • Ensure the ‘clf’ command clears the yt objects?

  • New yt_path option to move along a path determined by an o2scl table object?

  • Anti-alias text objects in yt (also anti-alias line sources?)

(The original entry is located in /home/awsteiner/wcs/o2sclpy/o2sclpy/ of o2sclpy.todo_list, line 1.)